About Me

Image Credit to Allan Dias-Marquez

Hi there! Welcome to my website where I’ll be showcasing my musical projects and writing blog posts about beauty products.

Here’s a little bit about me;

I’m a London based musician with a love for beauty products and gaming. I  post makeup looks on my Instagram, upload my music and makeup videos to my YouTube and Soundcloud and tweet a lot about gaming and other random things in my life.

My musical journey started when I learnt piano at the age of 6, then violin a the age of 8, then singing at the age of 15. I’ve been in numerous orchestras since I was 8 and choirs since I was 10. Accomplished all 8 ABRSM grades for both piano and violin and graduated from Brunel University with a 2.1 (with Hons) Music Degree (BA). I was part of many choirs and orchestras in University and even learnt how to conduct and arrange for an orchestra.

Nowadays, I do music covers on my YouTube and compose original film and video game music whenever I feel inspired to. And I’ve been part of an ecclectic choir since 2015 (on and off).


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London based musician, gaming and beauty enthusiast

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