Caudalie Beauty Elixir Review

Caudalie Beauty Elixir 100ml sized bottle

“Sets make-up, tones and tightens pores and gives the skin an instant boost of radiance.” is what Caudalie claims its Beauty Elixir achieves and after using it for months on end and currently going through my third bottle, I can wholeheartedly agree.

I first heard about Caudalie’s Beauty Elixirs through numerous online beauty gurus but never had a chance to try it out. That was until I was out with my friends in Covent Garden and popped into the store there. My friend Chloe walked me through a lot of the products that Caudalie has and having never looked into the company or the products, I needed all the help I could get. And that’s when I spotted the most talked about beauty spray on the market for years now. Finally! my chance to try it, having heard all the raves from years ago.

So to start with, I sprayed it on my arm and there was a powerful fragrance to it which immediately made me nervous. Heavily fragranced skin care and makeup does not go well with sensitive skin. The packaging does state it is suitable for all skin-types and while it doesn’t always flare up my sensitive skin, I would still advise to use it with caution for people with sensitive skin. There were rare times where it left me with a tingly sensation that you don’t really want to feel on your skin. Looking at the ingredients of the spray, it does suggest that it shouldn’t irritate your skin. The three essential oils used are: peppermint oil (tones and awakens the skin), rose oil (anti-shine, activates glow) and rosemary oil (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial) all have beneficial uses for the skin.

I do have to agree with what Caudalie states- it does leave your face feeling radiant, glowing and refreshed. Admittedly, I haven’t used it to set my makeup as I spray it on my face after toning and before moisturising. Applying it at that point helps my serum and moisturiser sink into my skin better. The fact that this is a multi-use spray is a huge plus given the price range. It’s good to know this luxury branded beauty spray can be used for more than benefit i.e. toning, make-up setting, complexion brightening, skin cooling etc. 

There are two sized bottles, at 30ml for £12 and 100ml for £32 (link to Caudalie’s website are posted below). Ideally, the 100ml is the better value for money but the 30ml is the perfect travel-size companion and lasted a month when I used to twice daily in between toning and moisturising. I started off with the 30ml bottle to see if it was suitable for my sensitive skin and I was very happy with the results, but still used it with caution. I didn’t spray it whenever my face had a lot of red and dry patches as I found it sting those problematic areas. But don’t fret! It definitely helped my skin feel cool and refreshed. However, I did have to get used to the strong fragrance smell but that passed very quickly.

Overall, Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir definitely deserves the hype and the price range is good if you about the convenience of it being multi-use. Just use it sparingly if you have very sensitive skin and definitely don’t use it when you have red or dry patches on your face. If you do, you will feel it sting for a short time, but over a long period of time, you will notice a positive change in complexion.

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