Asian Beauty Haul Japan 2017

Japan Beauty Haul 2017

On August 15th, I embarked on a month-long trip to Japan. This trip was filled with sightseeing, amazing food and of course, shopping for amazing Asian beauty. There are a variety of shops where you can find said skincare and makeup in Japan, these include but are not limited to:  Don Quijote, Daiso, Etude House, Tony Moly, Cosme store, drugstores, Aeon Style Cosmetics in Aeon Mall, Loft, Tokyu Hands etc
Feel free to comment or a send a message my way if you have any questions about any of the products! Have a lovely day 🙂     **DISCLAIMER: Specific images of each product will be here in the blog plus comments on the products themselves if I have used them. I wish I could put this in the video too, but that make a ridiculously long video. But I have a feeling this will be a really long blog … Enjoy!

Contents page:

Tony Moly

Etude House

Anna Sui

Pokemon x It’s Demo

– Various brands from Don Quixote (Donki)  

– Miscellaneous items; Daiso & Muji 

Japanese Beauty Haul collage photo

Most of the Tony Moly products I bought are from Incheon Airport … because duty-free shopping is the best! A few other items are from the Tony Moly shop in Okayama (near Korakuren Gardens) I didn’t find any shops in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto but I’m pretty they exist. Obviously, Korea will be the best country to find Tony Moly in.
-Liptone Get It Tint; 01 Pink Ming
-Liptone Get It Tint; 02 Coral Ming
-Liptone Get It Tint; 03 Play Orange
-Liptone Get It Tint; 04 Red Hot
-Liptone Get It Tint; 05 All Night Red
These lip tints are amazing! Super light-weight, sheer but can colour can easily build up if you want a more vibrant coverage. Non-drying and non-flaky. Lasts a long time without touch ups. Highly recommend J
-Petite Bunny Gloss Bars in various colours
Very sheer and I didn’t find it to build up in colour when you apply loads of it. I believe these should be applied over any other lip product or if you want a wash of sheer colour on your lips, then these can be applied by themselves. Very moisturising but doesn’t last long- touch ups are needed often.
After buying quite a lot of products at Incheon Airport, the lovely sales assistant gave me a lot of free gifts, tester sizes. I haven’t used these yet, but these look useful for travelling.
-B C DATION+ (looks like foundation, or a tinted moisturiser)
-3 Minute Salmon Mask Pack (I think the lady said this is for your hair)
-Lip tints in a dark pink colour x2
-Geolution Shark’s Fin Collagen Dual Kit; Toner and Emulsion (serum) x3
-Pro Clean Soft Cleansing Tissue 
-Banana Hand Milk
-Pocket Bunny Moist Mist
-Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream
I haven’t used these products yet, BUT LOOK HOW KAWAII THE PACKAGING IS! I remember the sales assistant saying the Panda hand cream is whitening.
-Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base
-Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick
-Panda’s Dream Smudge Out Mascara
-Pokemon x Tony Moly Pikachu Colour Mascara (Black)
-Inked Cushion Gel Liner
-Pokemon x Tony Moly Pikachu Pocket Lip Balm
Again, I haven’t used these products yet, but kawaii packaging! I cannot wait to use these.
-My Sunny Sun Foam Cleanser
-My Sunny Perfect Sun Block SPF 50+
-The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream
-2x First Light Essence
This was also a free gift and will definitely try these products the next time I travel (won’t be anytime soon to be honest)
-Tako Pore Bubble Pore Pack
-Tako Pore Sebum Control Gel Cream
-Tako Pore Backhead Scrub Stick (the smallest tako)
I bought these products from the Tony Moly store in Okayama. Honestly, the packaging drew me in first because look how adorable the tako is! (Japanese word for Octopus) Then when I found out this was a skincare range specifically for pores, I had to have it. Admittedly, I haven’t tried these products yet but I’m super excited to!


-Pokemon x Tony Moly Hand Cream Set
-Dr. Logy Blemish Mask Sheet (2 packs)
-Pokemon x Tony Moly Mask Pack Set
I bought these products from Incheon Airport and just fell in love with the packaging. I think I got the Pikachu Mask Pack Set for free after spending a certain amount of South Korean Won. Honestly I’m such a sucker for packaging that I’ll probably keep the empty packaging for display purposes when I’m finished with them … (that’s normal right?)
And that’s Tony Moly finished with! Now onto Etude House
I was taken to Shibuya on my first day and my friend knows how much I love shopping, so of course, he took me to Shibuya 109 … where I found Etude house … and then some financial damage was done. I also found another store in Shinjuku. The stores are so pink and kawaii. I always enjoyed shopping in them.


-Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack (Black Tea)
-Bubble Tea Sleeping pack (Strawberry)
-Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack (Green Tea)
I highly rate these sleeping packs! So you have to do your usual night skin care routine, then after your night cream, you need to grab one or two bobas (with the spatula provided) and then burst them in your hands, scoop up some of the gel-like product, mix it into your hands and then apply all over your face and leave it on while you sleep. It helps moisturise your face and you wake up with baby-soft skin. So my friend and I tried the black tea one at first and then I went back and bought the other two flavours because we both loved using this so much.


-Wonder Pore Freshner (toner)
-AC Clean Up After Balm
-AC Clean Up Daily Cleansing Foam
-Penguin Hand Cream
The only one I have used is the cleansing foam and it works well on my blemished-prone skin. I’m very excited to try the other products.


-Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher (No. 10 Peach Parfait)
-Etude House Oh my Line
-Etude House Lash Perm Eye-Long Mascara
I have only tried the mascara and it does lengthen my lashes well, but unfortunately, I did experience little bits of fallout throughout the day.
And that’s it for Etude House! Hope I can buy more products from them in the future.
I definitely did not know Anna Sui had a cosmetics line, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her stand in a cosmetics shop in Okayama station shopping centre (I must have been to that shopping centre at least 30 times- highly recommend it)


-Cream Cheek Colour (not sure what the colour number is to be honest)


-Glittering Lipgloss (200- Dhalia Purple)


-Vivid lipstick (Brilliant Red)


-Vivid Lipstick (Beige Pink)
Admittedly, I haven’t tried these makeup pieces yet but look how gorgeous the packaging is! I can’t wait to try them and display them on my vanity. High quality packaging for such a high-quality brand.
These were gifted to me by the friend I stayed with in Japan. He knows how much I love Pokemon and beauty, so he bought them for me which was super sweet! LOOK HOW KAWAII THE PACKAGING IS! I CANNOT WAIT TO TRY THEM AND THEN KEEP THE PACKAGING.
-It’s Demo Red glittery nail varnish top coat
-It’s Demo Peel off Base Coat



-It’s Demo Hand Cream

-It’s Demo Face Mist (this was a free gift because he bought a lot of products)
-It’s Demo Lip Cream
-It’s Demo Pikachu and Starters Eyeshadow Palette (I believe there are two other palettes with varying colour combinations)
I’m very grateful and forever appreciative that my friend bought them for me. I cannot wait to try them. There are other products in the collection that can be found online but I’m not sure if they can be shipped to the UK *Fingers crossed*
What can I say about Donki … only that it is the best department store in Japan that is affordable and sells everything you possibly need and how there’s so many stores in one area. It’s amazing. The mascot is a penguin and I miss it so much L There’s nothing in England that can compare to it to be honest.


Top Layer; (from left to right)
-Isehan Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara Waterproof (Black)
-KATE TOKYO CC Lip Cream (Beat Red)
-Cheek Cat CC15 Blush (Peach Pink)
-RiRe Lip Powder (02 Hot Plum)
-RiRe Lip Powder (03 Fashion Red)
-KATE TOKYO Color Enamel Gloss
Middle Layer; (from left to right)
-Integrate Compact Case
-Peripera x Powerpuff girls Long Setting Mascara and sleeping eye mask
Bottom Layer; (from left to right)
-Integrate Pro Finish Foundation (this fits into the red compact case shown above the powder in the photo)
-Wonder Collect Powder A Series (Tuxedosam- available in other Sanrio characters)
Out of all of these cosmetics, I have only tried the Kate CC Lip Cream, both RiRe lip powders and the Wonder Collect Powder in Tuxedosam.
The Kate CC Lip Cream was moisturising and very sheer, works like a lip balm to be honest. The RiRe lip powders have a matte finish- very weird to apply because it takes some getting used to. It does have good staying power but it does dry out and stains my lips. The Wonder Collect Powder is a very good loose powder- really helps set my foundation and concealer in place, hence why I purchased two more of it … it has nothing to do with the face that there’s a penguin on the powder puff … honest …


-Senka Perfect Whip Foaming Facial cleanser
-To-Plan Aloe Cream
Haven’t tried the cleanser but the Aloe cream is so good. A very light-weight face cream that contains hyaluronic acid, so it’s good for redness and blemishes. My friend that I stayed with introduced this to me and I fell in love right away.
Everything in the photo above was bought from Daiso, Muji and various other 100 yen stores/drugstores on the high street that I don’t really know the name of. Apart from Muji, I have labelled the other brands as miscellaneous because that’s the best way I can describe them.

-Empty loose powder compact from Daiso

-Eyebrow Brush
-SOS Sparkling Water Cleanser (carbonated bubbles face wash)
-Foamin cleanser maker
-Beauty Tools kit in an adorable Geisha design (I bought this from a tourist shop in Kurashiki)
-Face wash brush from Daiso
– Oil blotting paper & Desktop Cosmetic Paper from Daiso
These razors are so cheap and amazing! Sharp enough to shave your face but not too sharp that you can cut your face (though watch how that happens to me) I can easily shave my upper lip line and chin with these razors and because of how cheap they are … I bought a lot :’) I have never seen designs in England so of course, I had to stock up.


Muji Items:
-Beauty Spatula
-Face Lotion Sheet
-Eyelash Essence
With the Face Lotion Sheets, you can soak one capsule in a serum or cream of your choice and it unfolds into a face mask, so it’s a really cool way of making a DIY face sheet mask. I also cannot wait to try the Eyelash Essence because my eyelashes are naturally short and need a bit of help.
Thank you so much for reading through this very long blog and watching my vlog. If you have any questions about any of the products, like price for instance then feel free to send a message my way! (social media listed below) I hope to return to Japan one day or any country in Asia to be honest. I love that region so much, I’m so glad and thankful I managed to afford to stay in Japan for as long as a month. Many thanks and appreciation to the friend who let me stay with him and looked after me for the whole month. It was the perfect holiday xoxo



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